Overview of the Co-op

poppies in bloom The Regenerative Co-op of Pomona, Regen, is an intentional community located in a quiet suburb east of Los Angeles. Founded by graduates of Cal Poly Pomona’s Center for Regenerative Studies in 1999, we strive to incorporate sustainable and regenerative principles in our urban/suburban environment.

The food in the co-op is vegan/vegetarian, although the co-op includes residents who are non-vegetarian away from home. We have community meals 5 nights a week and always include a vegan option. We use solar power, maintain a gray water system, edible landscaping and organic gardening. Community decisions are consensed upon during our monthly community meetings.

We organize a Sustainability Seminar every Spring with workshops and speakers on topics from solar power and making bio-diesel to activism and social justice. In addition we host various workshops of social and environmental interests as well as skill shares throughout the year.

hummingbird Currently we can accommodate approximately 35 residents distributed between 5 homes. Some of us are active in local peace and environmental issues; others are not. We have had residents from as far away as Germany and as local as Orange County. We are organizers, teachers, technicians, students, business people, philosophers, artists, and many other things. Most members are students or recent graduates of various local colleges. We do have openings from time to time. If you are interested in applying please contact us about openings.

Mission and Purpose

The Pomona Regenerative Cooperative seeks to establish, develop, and maintain viable, community-friendly, environmentally-oriented shared-housing. We understand environmentalism to include the pursuit of ecological, economic, racial, gender, and social justice.